Shisima (Kenya, Africa, Tiriki tribe)

Shisima is a two-player abstract strategy game from Kenya. It is related to tic-tac-toe, but even more related to Tapatan, Three Men's Morris, Nine Holes, Achi, Tant Fant, and Dara, because pieces are moved on the board to create the 3 in-a-row. Unlike those other games, Shisima uses an octagonal board.


1. Players decide what colors to play, and who will start first.

2. Each player's three pieces are initially next to each other in a row on the perimeter points of the octagon facing opposite the other player's three pieces which are also next to each other in a row on the perimeter of the octagon. This leaves three empty spaces left. One empty space is the middle of the board. The other two empty spaces separate the two rows of pieces on both sides.

3. Each piece can move one space at a time following the pattern on the board. Only one piece can be moved per turn.

4. Repeating a position three times is a draw.